about me.

Professionally, I'm an extremely ambitious and resourceful person that strives when undertaking challenges, employing creative problem solving skills. I pride myself on being a strong team player. Passionate about continuous improvement and innovation. I started my professional life at Synergy Learning in 2016 as an intern and starting full-time in June 2018. I began my time at Synergy Learning as a Support Technician, part of the team of Learning Management System experts, delivering world-class support to our customers. In early 2021 I transitioned into a new role within the company, Implementation Engineer; this role was split between LMS consultancy and DevOps-like systems work (mainly within a LAMP stack environment). In early 2022 I decided to take on a new challenge at a large organisation within the fintech industry, Apex Fintech Solutions. At AFS, I was a Solutions Engineer, where I helped new clients integrate to their industry leading technologies (via a library of APIs). Fast-forward seven months, I had kept contact with my friends and colleagues at Synergy Learning and I received an opportunity that was so exciting to me that I decided to jump back to Synergy Learning as a Systems Engineer. This role focuses on building, maintaining and enhancing the systems at Synergy Learning via DevOps tooling (specifically Ansible).

I have also highlighted some of my main personal interests and passions below. First and foremost, I'm a dedicated Manchester United supporter but I do enjoy watching most sports from F1 to MMA to Boxing to Golf and so on... I am a self-proclaimed Oasis and Gallagher brother fanatic, I won't have a bad word said!

If you'd like to have a chat, please feel free to drop me a line on one of the social channels listed on my social page.

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